Seminar: Research Agreement Types

As a Senior Agreement Advisor and Contracts Team Lead, Rebecca Dufur, J.D., M.A, drafts, reviews, and negotiates research agreements from state and federal government agencies, academic institutions, public and private foundations, and other non-profit organizations. She worked in clinical research for over 12 years, during which time she attended Suffolk University Law School as an evening student. Rebecca has been with Partners Research Management since 2014.

There are several types of agreements associated with research. They vary according to factors such as the the nature of the research and the funding source.

Rebecca Dufur discussed the fundamental differences between grants and contracts, and both funded and unfunded research agreement types including subcontracts, professional services agreements (PSAs), memorandum of understanding (MOUs), confidential disclosure agreement (CDAs), data use agreements (DUAs) and other research support agreements.

Rebecca Dufur discusses types of research agreements