The Gordon Center mission is to develop, validate and disseminate cutting-edge imaging technologies. These technologies take advantage of multi-modality imaging to yield more accurate diagnosis, early characterization and follow up of disease as well as personalized guidance in therapy. More about our translation initiatives can be found below.

The Gordon Research and Development Fellowship

The Gordon Research and Development Fellowship aims to provide fellows with a broad view of the field as it exists today and insight about how medical imaging will evolve in the future. The Gordon Fellows, whose home will be at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, are selected among candidates who have demonstrated high intellectual capacity, passionate interest in engineering, academic achievement and, importantly, interest in commercial application of innovative medical imaging. Candidates eligible for the Gordon Fellow position include engineers, computer scientists, physicists, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, visiting scientists and would-be entrepreneurs.

For application information please use the contact form.

The Gordon Mini-Fellowships and Sabbaticals

The development of successful medical products depends not only on a good idea but also on the ability to translate it to the medical milieu. Mini-fellowships and Sabbaticals allow scientists and engineers selected by their employer to develop their understanding of the medical milieu and the evolving directions of medical imaging. Six to twelve-month rotations, allow managers to conduct meaningful projects that can hopefully lead to a publication or an end-point like a SBIR grant application. Employers wishing to further the training of a promising employee can also work with the faculty of the Gordon Center to develop a training plan tailored to the needs of each candidate.

The Commercial and Clinical Translation Program

The Commercial and Clinical Translation Program (CCTP) provides a specific, dedicated channel for the promotion of the commercial and translational potential of our work. Within the Gordon Center, a team of experts in the scientific, medical, and business ventures, has the responsibility for developing applications not previously recognized as part of our mission.

More specifically, the CCTP’s objectives are the following:

  • Provide advice on policies and procedures to help negotiate regulatory environments.
  • Defray costs of patent applications and other expenses not covered by our institution’s Research Ventures and Licensing group (Partners Innovation Office).
  • Assist in identifying potential industrial partners and people who can aid in the commercialization and dissemination of research to end users.
  • Support the engineering of products that is not normally emphasized by scientific research agencies or the hospital, but is essential for the successful translation of innovative discoveries made in an academic laboratory into a marketable product that is valued by commercial partners
  • Help develop a curriculum enhancing the training of all our young scientists, including a lecture series on intellectual property, patent protection and entrepreneurship.

The Gordon Lecture Series for Academic-Industrial Partnership in Medical Imaging

The Gordon Center aims to broaden the training of fellows and scientists to include training in intellectual property, culture of industrial R&D, patent law, launch of a new company and pros and cons of academia versus entrepreneurship. Invited lectures are sponsored by the Gordon Center and organized by the CCTP. Some lectures are presented annually.