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PI: David R. Elmaleh

Prof David Elmaleh

The Elmaleh lab focuses on improving human health care using novel approaches for early diagnosis and follow-up treatment


  • Capture medical technologies at their inception for developing novel drugs and healthcare products for the future
  • Focusing on improving human health care using novel approaches for early diagnosis and follow-up treatment
  • Clinical trial design for Alzheimer’s treatment
  • Drug design and discovery
  • Radiopharmaceutical development, biological evaluation of new agents
  • Radioactive tracer kinetic analysis in physiology and medicine
  • Development of agents and/or biomarkers for assessment of (a) central nervous system receptors, energy metabolism and cerebral blood flow, (b) myocardial function
  • Drug/Device applications in Medicine




      Research Assistants

        Selected Publications

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        • Granucci EJ, Griciuc A, Mueller KA, Mills AN, Le H, Dios AM, McGinty D, Pereira J, Elmaleh D, Berry JD, Paganoni S, Cudkowicz ME, Tanzi RE, Sadri-Vakili G. Cromolyn sodium delays disease onset and is neuroprotective in the SOD1 Mouse Model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Sci Rep 2019; 9(1):17728
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        • Elmaleh DR, Farlow MR, Conti PS, Tompkins RG, Kundakovic L, Tanzi RE. Developing Effective Alzheimer’s Disease Therapies: Clinical Experience and Future Directions. J. Alzheimers Dis. 2019; 71(3):715-732
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        • Zhang C, Griciuc A, Hudry E, Wan Y, Quinti L, Ward J, Forte AM, Shen X, Ran C, Elmaleh DR, Tanzi RE. Cromolyn Reduces Levels of the Alzheimer’s Disease-Associated Amyloid β-Protein by Promoting Microglial Phagocytosis. Sci Rep 2018; 8(1):1144
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        • Hori Y, Takeda S, Cho H, Wegmann S, Shoup TM, Takahashi K, Irimia D, Elmaleh DR, Hyman BT, Hudry E. A Food and Drug Administration-approved asthma therapeutic agent impacts amyloid β in the brain in a transgenic model of Alzheimer disease. J. Biol. Chem. 2015; 290(4):1966-78
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        • Tian Y, Zhang X, Li Y, Shoup TM, Teng X, Elmaleh DR, Moore A, Ran C. Crown ethers attenuate aggregation of amyloid beta of Alzheimer’s disease. Chem Commun (Camb). 2014 Dec 25; 50(99):15792-5.
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        • Zhao G, Yu YM, Shoup TM, Elmaleh DR, Bonab AA, Tompkins RG, Fischman AJ. Membrane potential-dependent uptake of (18)F-triphenylphosphonium-a new voltage sensor as an imaging agent for detecting burn-induced apoptosis. J Surg Res. 2014 May 15; 188(2):473-9.
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        • Gurm GS, Danik SB, Shoup TM, Weise S, Takahashi K, Laferrier S, Elmaleh DR, Gewirtz H. 4-[18F]-tetraphenylphosphonium as a PET tracer for myocardial mitochondrial membrane potential. JACC Cardiovasc Imaging. 2012 Mar; 5(3):285-92.
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        • Larvie M, Shoup T, Chang WC, Chigweshe L, Hartshorn K, White MR, Stahl GL, Elmaleh DR, Takahashi K. Mannose-binding lectin binds to amyloid ß protein and modulates inflammation. J Biomed Biotechnol. 2012; 2012:929803.
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        • Ran C, Shoup TM, Elmaleh DR, Brownell AL, Carter EA, Moore A. F-18 labeled Bis-dialkylamino-curcuminoid as a potential amyloid-beta imaging agent. Alzheimers & Dementia 2011; 7(4):308-309.
        • Shoup TM, Elmaleh DR, Brownell AL, Zhu A, Guerrero JL, Fischman AJ. Evaluation of (4-[18F]Fluorophenyl)triphenylphosphonium ion. A potential myocardial blood flow agent for PET. Mol Imaging Biol. 2011 Jun; 13(3):511-7.
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        • Gomperts SN, Rentz DM, Moran E, Becker JA, Locascio JJ, Klunk WE, Mathis CA, Elmaleh DR, Shoup TM, Fischman AJ, Hyman BT, Growdon JH, Johnson KA. Imaging amyloid deposition in Lewy body diseases. Neurology 2008; 71(12):903-10.
        • Freimark D, Shechter M, Schwamenthal E, Tanne D, Elmaleh E, Shemesh Y, Motro M, Adler Y. Improved exercise tolerance and cardiac function in severe chronic heart failure patients undergoing a supervised exercise program. Int J Cardiol 2007; 116(3):309-14.
        • Elmaleh DR, Fischman AJ, Tawakol, A, Zhu A, Shoup TM, Hoffman U, Brownell A-L, Zamecnik PC. Detection of inflamed atherosclerotic lesions with diadenosine-5′,5”’-P1,P4-tetraphosphate (Ap4A) and positron-emission tomography. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2006; 103(43):15992-15996.
        • Madras BK, Fahey MA, Goulet M, Lin Z, Bendor J, Goodrich C, Meltzer PC, Elmaleh DR, Livni E, Bonab AA, Fischman AJ. Dopamine transporter (DAT) inhibitors alleviate specific parkinsonian deficits in monkeys: association with DAT occupancy in vivo. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 2006; 319(2):570-85.
        • Shoup TM, Elmaleh DR, Bonab AA, Fischman AJ. Evaluation of 9-[18F]fluoro-3,4-methyleneheptadecanoic acid as a PET tracer for myocardial fatty acid imaging by PET. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 2005; 46:297-304.
        • Elmaleh DR, Brown NV, Geiben-Lynn R. Anti-viral activity of human antithrombin III. Int J Mol Med. 2005; 16(2):191-200.
        • Yu M, Nagren K, Chen YI, Livni E, Elmaleh D, Kozikowski A, Wang X, Jokivarsi K, Brownell AL. Radiolabeling and biodistribution of methyl 2-(methoxycarbonyl)-2-(methylamino) bicyclo[2.1.1]-hexane -5-carboxylate, a potential neuroprotective drug. Life Sci. 2003; 73(12):1577-85.
        • Choi SW, Elmaleh DR, Hanson RN, Shoup TM, Fischman AJ. Novel (bisarylmethoxybutyl-piperidine analogues as neurotransmitter transporter inhibitors with activity at dopamine receptor sites. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2002; 10(12):4091-102.
        • Monica Trzcinska, Sung-Woon Choi, David R. Elmaleh., et al. Novel monoamine transporter ligands reduce cocaine-induced enhancement of brain stimulation reward. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 2001, 68:171-180.
        • Sung-Woon Choi, David R. Elmaleh, Robert N. Hanson, Alan J. Fischman Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Novel Non-Piperazine Analogues of 1-[2-[Bis(4-fluorophenyl)methoxy]ethyl]-4-(3-phenylpropyl)piperazines as Dopamine Transporter Inhibitors. J Med Chem 1999; 42:3647-3656.
        • Sung-Woon Choi, David R. Elmaleh, Robert N. Hanson, Alan J. Fischman; Novel 3- Aminomethyl and 4-Amino-Piperidine Analogs of 1-[2- (Diphenylmethoxy)ethyl]-4-(3- phenylpropyl)piperazines: Synthesis and Evaluation as Dopamine Transporter Ligands, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2000, (43) 205-213.
        • Madras BK, Gracz LM, Fahey MA, Elmaleh DR, Meltzer PC, Liang AY, Stopa EG, Babich JW, Fischman AJ. Altropane, a SPECT or PET imaging probe for dopamine neurons:III. Humna dopamine transporter in postmortem normal and Parkinson’s diseased brain. Synapse 1998; 29:116-127.
        • Madras BK,Gracz LM, Meltzer PC, Liang A, Elmaleh DR, Kaufman MJ, Fischman AJ. Altropane, a SPECT or PET imaging probe for dopamine neurons: II. Distribution to dopamine-rich regions of primate brain. Synapse 1998; 29:105-115.
        • Madras BK., Meltzer PC, Liang AY, Elmaleh DR, Babich JW, Fischman AJ. Altropoane, a SPECT or PET imaging probe for dopamine neurons: I. Dopamine transporter binding in primate brain. Synapse 1998; 29:93-104.
        • Fischman AJ, Bonab AA, Babich JW, Palmer EP, Alpert NM, Elmaleh DR, Callahan RJ, Barrow SA, Graham W, Meltzer P, Hanson RN, Madras BK. Rapid detection of Parkinson’s disease by spect with Altroopane: A selective ligand for dopamine transporters. Synapse 1998; 29:128-141.
        • Elmaleh DR, Narula J, Babich JW, Petrov A, Fischman AJ, Khaw BA, Rapaport E, Zamecnik PC. Rapid non-invasive detection of experimental atherosclerotic lesions with novel 99mTc labeled diadenosine tetraphosphates. Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A. 1998; 95:691-695.
        • Brownell, A-L., Jenkins, B., Elmaleh, D.R., Deacon, T.W., Spealman, R.D., Isacson, O. Combined PET/MRS studies show dynamic and long-term physiological changes in a primate model of Parkinson disease. Nature Medicine 1998; 4:1308-12.
        • Fischman AJ, Babich JW, Elmaleh DR, Barrow SA, Meltzer P, Hanson RN, Madras BK. SPECT imaging of dopamine transporter sites in normal and MPTP treated Rhesus monkeys. J Nucl Med 1997; 38:144-50.
        • Elmaleh, D.R., Fishman, A.J., Shoup, T.M., Hanson, R.N., Meltzer, P.C, Madras, B.K. Preparation and biological evaluation of iodine-125-IACFT: A selective SPECT agent. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 1996; 37:1196-202.
        • Robert N. Hanson, Sung-Woon Choi, David R. Elmaleh, Alan J. Fischman, Synthesis and evaluation of novel N-[2-(bis-arylmethoxy)ethyl]-N’-aralkyl-, -alkanediamines as potent and selective dopamine reuptake inhibitors: Seco analogs of GBR 12935 and GBR 12909 Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 1997; 7:2559-2564.
        • Fischman AJ, Babich JW, Elmaleh DR, Barrow SA, Meltzer P, Hanson RN, Madras BK. SPECT imaging of dopamine transporter sites in normal and MPTP-Treated rhesus monkeys. J Nucl Med 1997; 38(1):144-50.
        • Jones GS, Elmaleh DR, Strauss HW, Fischman AJ. 7,10-Bis-(2-mercapto-2-methyl) propyl-7,10-diazapalmitic acid: A novel N2S2 ligand for technetium-99m. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chem Let 1996; 6:2399-2404.
        • Brownell AL, Elmaleh DR, Meltzer PC, Shoup TM, Brownell GL, Fischman AJ, Madras BK Cocaine congerers as PET imaging probes for dopamine terminals. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 1996; 36:1186-92.
        • Fischman A J, Bonab AA, Babich JW, Alpert NM, Rauch SL, Elmaleh DR, Shoup TM, Williams SA, Rubin RH. Positron emission tomographic analysis of central 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor occupancy in healthy volunteers treated with the novel antipsychotic agent, ziprasidone. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 1996; 279(2): 939-947.
        • Wullner U, Hantraye P, Brownell A-L, Pakzaban P, Burns L, Shoup TM, Elmaleh DR. Dopamine terminal loss and onset of motor symptoms in MPTP treated monkeys a positron emission tomography study with carbon-11 CFT. Experimental Neurology 1994; 126:305-09.
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