Novel Fiber-Based Optical Systems for Biomedical Applications

Dr. Rayan Zaman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Virginia Commonwealth University. She has developed a Circumferential-Intravascular-Radioluminescence-Photoacoustic-Imaging (CIRPI) system to detect and characterize vulnerable plaques in human, mice and porcine models. She was the guest speaker at a lecture organized by the MGH Gordon Center.

Optical imaging offers many exciting opportunities to develop minimally invasive, low-cost solutions for the detection and treatment of diverse diseases in cardiovascular and many other areas that are yet to be explored. Dr. Rayan Zaman discussed four major clinical applications of optical systems:
Measurement of changes in blood flow of skin blood vessels using Speckle Contrast Imaging
Pharmacokinetics analysis of drug during treatment of ophthalmic diseases using Fluorescence Spectroscopy System;
Diagnosis of disease in cardiology using Balloon-Enabled Fluorescence/Radioluminescence Optical Imaging System;
Detection/characterization of atherosclerotic plaque using Circumferential-Intravascular-Radioluminescence-Photoacoustic-Imaging (CIRPI) System.

Dr. Rayan Zaman delivering her presentation at the MGH Gordon Center