Dr Brugarolas receives ASN Jordi Folch-Pi Award

Dr. Brugarolas with his award

Dr. Pedro Brugarolas, PhD, has received The American Society for Neurochemistry 2021 Jordi Folch-Pi Award.

Jordi Folch-Pi Award is given to an outstanding young investigator who has demonstrated a high level of research competence and originality, who has significantly advanced our knowledge of neurochemistry and who shows a high degree of potential for future accomplishments.

Dr. Brugarolas’ research focuses on developing novel PET ligands to understand the chemistry on the brain. He co-invented a tracer that binds to potassium channels in the brain, which are proteins that can signal demyelinated lesions. In multiple sclerosis and other diseases, the loss of myelin causes these proteins to increase in expression and become exposed, which can then be imaged with [18F]3F4AP. His lab is also working on developing tracers that target calcium channels to image neuropathic pain and other diseases.