CMITT will develop and optimize new PET/MR tools and methods for the biomedical research problems addressed by the projects listed below. The needs of the collaborative projects will drive the development of these new technologies.

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Collaborative Project TitleCollaborative PartnerInstitution/DepartmentFundingPublications
Impact of Amyloid and Tau on the Aging Brain: The Harvard Aging Brain StudyReisa Sperling  (TR&D 1,2,3)Brigham & Women’s Hospital NeurologyP01AG036694 4/2020 – 3/2025  Pub Links
Dynamic Cardiac SPETYoungho Seo (TR&D 1,2)University of California in San Francisco Radiology DepartmentR01HL135490  5/2017 – 4/2021Pub links
Neuroimaging Studies of Reward Processing in DepressionDiego Pizzagalli (TR&D 1,2,3)McLean Hospital PsychiatryR37MH068376 7/2017 – 6/2021Pub links 
Gamma Induction for Amyloid Clearance in Alzheimer’s DiseaseEmiliano Santarnecchi (TR&D 1,2,3)Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital NeurologyR01AG060981 2/2019 – 11/2023 Pub links
Using Atlas-Driven Imaging for Determining Variations in Velopharyngeal Function Among Children with Cleft Palate and Hypernasal SpeechBradley Sutton (TR&D 1,2)University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign RadiologyR01DE027989 7/2019 – 6/2023Pub links 
Quantitative Low Dose PET ImagingChi Liu (TR&D 1,2)Yale University RadiologyR01EB025468 7/2018 – 4/2022  Pub links 
Quantitative UTE MR Imaging: Sensitive Biomarkers for OsteoarthritisJiang Du (TR&D 1,2)University of California, San Diego Radiation OncologyR01AR062581 9/2019 – 2/2023 Pub links
MR/PET Imaging of Coronary AtherosclerosisZahi Fayad (TR&D 1,2)ICAHN School of Medicine at Mount Sinai RadiologyR01HL071021 6/2017 – 5/2021Pub links
Confounder-Corrected Quantitative MRI Biomarkers of Hepatic DiseaseScott Reeder (TR&D 1,2)University of Wisconsin-MadisonR01DK100651  6/2014 – 5/2021Pub links 
Kernel-Based Nonlinear Learning for Fast MRI with Sub-Nyquist SamplingLeslie Ying (TR&D 1,2)University of Buffalo, SUNY Biomedical & Electrical EngineeringR21EB020861Pub links
PET measures of Tau and Amyloid PathologyKeith Johnson (TR&D 1,2,3)Massachusetts General Hospital NeurologyP01AG036694 4/2020 – 3/2025  Pub links
Quantitative Oncologic PET/MRGeorges El Fakhri (TR&D 1,2,3)Massachusetts General Hospital RadiologyR01CA165221 5/2012 – 4/2024Publinks