Research at CMITT involves both Technology Research and Development (TR&D) as well as Collaborative Projects and Service Projects to further the aims of developing and applying cutting-edge imaging technologies that take advantage of the game-changing capabilities afforded by simultaneous PET/MR.

TR&D Projects

TR&D 1

Motion Correction in PET/MR

TR&D 2

Unified Joint Statistical Reconstruction of PET & MR

TR&D 3

Pharmacokinetic Physiologic Modeling in Simultaneous PET/MR

Collaborative Projects

CMITT will develop and optimize new PET/MR tools and methods for the biomedical research problems addressed by the projects listed at the link. The needs of the collaborative projects will drive the development of these new technologies.

Service Projects

Our overall goal is to serve the clinical and research PET/MR communities by providing access to state-of-the art PET/MR technology both on the software side (quantitation and reconstruction methods, kinetic modeling tools) as well as the hardware/radiochemistry versant (micro-coils, dual PET-MR probes).

Our service activities can be described in three categories: 1) Regional service that enables clinical and pre-clinical PET/MR research; 2) On-site service that enables the deployment of specific software and radiopharmaceuticals using physical resources such as radiopharmacy labs, PET/MR scanner, supercomputers with very large flat physical memory; and 3) Electronic support for research using the electronically downloadable software that will be developed for motion, attenuation and PSF quantitation, PET/MR reconstruction, kinetic modeling, etc.