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Tag: Joyita Dutta

Improving PET Quantitation with Denoising, Motion Compensation, and Deblurring

Joyita Dutta

This article was published in the Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society newsletter of September 2017 Positron emission tomography (PET) enables 3D visualization of vital physiological information, e.g., metabolism, blood flow, and neuroreceptor concentration by using targeted radioisotope-labeled tracers. Quantitative interpretation of PET images is crucial both in diagnostic and therapeutic contexts. As a result of […]

Tracy Lynn Faber Memorial Award

Joyita Dutta, PhD, was presented the Tracy Lynn Faber Memorial Award for her “outstanding contributions in multimodality, and molecular image reconstruction and analysis.” Dr. Dutta is Assistant in Physics at the MGH Gordon Center. Dr. Dutta is Assistant in Physics at the MGH Gordon Center.