Marc D. Normandin

Marc Normandin


Associate Director, Gordon Center
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
Assistant in Physics, Massachusetts General Hospital


Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering) Purdue University, 2008

Contact Info

55 Fruit Street
White 427
Boston, MA 02114


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Current and previous work includes the development and application of tracer kinetic modeling techniques and design of experiments for quantification of:

  • Simultaneous PET/fMRI measurements of receptor-ligand binding and cerebral hemodynamics
  • Influence of neuropharmacological processes on local and network-level fMRI signal kinetics
  • Molecular and structural pathology in traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Cerebral cannabinoid receptors in substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia
  • Pancreatic beta-cell mass and islet pathology in juvenile (type 1) and adult-onset (type 2) diabetes
  • Cardiac perfusion, metabolism, and mitochondrial function in coronary artery disease
  • Dopamine receptors, transporters and transmission in substance abuse, mood disorders, motor activity and cognition
  • Regional brain metabolism and mitochondrial expression in stroke and assessment of therapeutic interventions
  • Assessment of macromolecules as agents for imaging and drug delivery
  • Evaluation of new radiopharmaceuticals and in vivo target engagement by therapeutic drugs