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Seminar: Latest Innovations and New Directions in Cardiac MR – Dr. Anja Brau


Dr. Brau delivering her presentation at the MGH Gordon Center

Dr. Brau delivering her presentation at the MGH Gordon Center

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (MR) offers a comprehensive evaluation of cardiac function, morphology and blood flow. Yet clinical adoption of cardiac MR remains relatively limited due to a number of factors such as the exam length and complexity.

But according to Dr. Anja Brau, Director of Global Cardiac MR at GE Healthcare, cardiac MR use is very likely to increase thanks to recent breakthroughs in cloud-based analytics, supercomputing platforms and imaging technology. The next generation of cardiac MRs is expected to decrease scan acquisition time and improve image resolution while exploiting existing MR’s strengths in flow quantification and tissue characterization.

Dr. Anja Brau was the guest speaker at a seminar series organized by the MGH Gordon Center and her lecture was titled “Latest Innovations and New Directions in Cardiac MR.”

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