Molecular Pathology in Aging and AD

Dr. Aaron Schultz, PhD, Neurology, is a multi-modal neuroimaging researcher focused on aging. He is a co-leader of the Harvard Aging Brain Study (HABS) data core and advanced imaging project, as well as the leader of the functional neuroimaging group for the A4 clinical trial. Dr. Schultz was the guest speaker at a lecture organized by the MGH Gordon Center. Below is his presentation summary.  

Dr. Shultz before his lecture at the MGH Gordon Center

Dr. Schultz discussed his recent work on post-acquisition PET measurement optimization and cross-tracer harmonization. More specifically, his presentation covered his research on aging and AD in the context of molecular pathologies of amyloid-beta and paired helical filament tau. The lecture was followed by a debate of the success and challenges of functional connectivity MRI in the context of aging, AD molecular pathology, and cognitive decline.