Radiology Employee Earns Certifications in Three Areas of Research Administration

This story was originally published on 03/12/2019 by  Rad Times, a publication of the Mass General Hospital Department of Radiology.

Ramzi El Fakhri, MBA, has become the first individual in New England to be certified in all three areas of research administration, namely research finance (CFRA), pre-award (CPRA), and general/post-award administration (CRA). There are only 11 other administrators in the US who hold all three designations at the same time.

The CFRA, CPRA and CRA recognize an individual’s knowledge in research administration and increase sponsored research offices’ credibility. The minimum requirements for each designation are a bachelor’s degree, three years of relevant professional experience, and the successful completion of a national and rigorous exam organized by the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC).

Ramzi manages a portfolio of grants and the PET Core research facility at the MGH Gordon Center where he has worked for the past three and half years.

Ramzi El Fakhri