Gordon Lecture Series: Identify External Funding Opportunities with Pivot

The facilitator, Amy Robb is Associate Director for Prospect Research and Funding Opportunities in the Office of Development. Ms. Robb holds a master’s in library and information science from UIUC and a graduate certificate in women’s studies from the George Washington University. Below is a summary of her presentation.

Amy Robb

In this seminar, Ms. Robb taught how to identify external funding opportunities using Pivot – a library database that indexes announcements for grants, fellowships, conferences and equipment acquisition.  The advantage of Pivot is that it contains information about government, philanthropic, industry, and international funding opportunities from across different scientific disciplines. 

Ms. Robb discussed with the audience potential strategies to diversify funding portfolios. She also provided useful tips on searching funding opportunities and configuring funding alerts to provide individualized notification of new funding opportunities.