Data Analytics in Operations Management

Dr. Oleg S. Pianykh is the Director of Medical Analytics at the Department of Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. With academic background in applied computer science, He has been actively working in the field of innovative healthcare for the past 20 years. His scientific work ranged from research on digital imaging and data-driven clinical workflow to publishing and teaching advanced graduate courses at Harvard and other leading universities. On the applied side, Dr. Pianykh has served as a CIO for a state-wide healthcare network, and participated in many consulting/startup initiatives. His current interests include bid data analysis, operations management, and information technology in healthcare.
Dr. Pianykh was the guest speaker at a lecture organized by the MGH Gordon Center. Below is his presentation’s summary.

With medical technology becoming increasingly complex, data volumes – increasingly high, and expected outcomes – more demanding, the cost of medical errors, processing delays and guesswork becomes prohibitively high. To deal with these challenges, contemporary radiology has to learn how to use its data to produce optimal decisions and operational strategies.
Transforming radiology data into the most effective and objective problem solver was the main idea behind the Medical Analytics Group (MAG) project, launched by the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital. The principal purpose of MAG is to apply data science to routine problems, looking for the best possible solutions. Their current projects include identifying hidden operational bottlenecks, building predictive workflow models, developing optimal scheduling strategies, analyzing utilization and productivity limits, studying processing quality and satisfaction, and many more: MAG work is driven by current needs, not limited to any particular domain. All MAG projects have to be implemented in real clinical environments; all have to be verified and proven to work with objective data analysis.

In this presentation Dr. Pianykh shared the Medical Analytics Group’s most interesting results, important successes, and thought-provoking challenges.

Dr. Pianykh delivering his presentation at the MGH Gordon Center