Christina Agro

Chris Agro


Senior Administrative Manager, MGH


B.A., Boston University, Boston, MA, 1996

Contact Info

Gordon Center for Medical Imaging
Radiology Department
125 Nashua Street,
Suite 660
Boston, MA 02114


Christina Agro directs and oversees all operational aspects of the Gordon Center for Medical Imaging.
She functions as a resource for investigators and Center administrators setting administrative direction (policies, procedures, systems, etc) for the Center and supervises the Center’s administrative and laboratory safety staff.

She collaborates with scientists and Center leadership to continually direct a wide range of research issues including financial, personnel, operational and regulatory, facilities and systems issues, long-range planning and project development for the basic and clinical research programs of the Center.

She is the recipient of three Partners in Excellence Awards for her outstanding contribution to the Partners HealthCare mission.