SNMMI Awards 2014

Members of the El Fakhri Lab received several awards at the 2014 Society of Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging Annual Meeting (St. Louis, Missouri, USA, June 7-11, 2014)

Young Investigator Awards:
SNMMI-sponsored symposium and competition for the best scientific abstracts and oral presentations by young investigators.

  • Dr. Dustin Wooten: 1st place, Brain Imaging Council Symposium, for an oral entitled “Occupancy and functional response to D1 receptor ligands assessed by concurrent PET/fMRI.”
  • Dr. Chuan Huang: Honorable mention, Computer and Instrumentation Council Symposium, for an oral entitled “Fast tagged MR acquisition for PET motion correction in simultaneous cardiac PET-MR”
  • Ms. Auranuch Lorsakul: Honorable mention, Computer and Instrumentation Council Symposium for an oral entitled “A Numerical Observer for Task­Based Assessment on Kinetic Parametric Imaging”

Travel Award:
Helps support registration, travel, and accommodations towards the attendance of students and postdoctoral or clinical trainees.

Mentoring Award:

  • Dr. Marc Normandin: Named the 2014 recipient of the Cassen Postdoctoral Mentoring Award by SNMMI’s Education and Research Foundation for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. The award provides funds to support a postdoctoral scientist for up to two years while they train at the Gordon Center with Dr. Normandin as their primary mentor and Dr. Georges El Fakhri as senior mentor on their research project.

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