PET Imaging of Human Subjects, and Large and Small Animals

The MGH Gordon PET Core is cGMP/FDA registered PET drug manufacturer that operates at cost to provide investigators with required personnel, equipment and services to design and conduct research studies using positron emission tomography.


Main services include:

  • Synthesis of radiotracers and radiopharmaceuticals
  • PET and SPECT animal and human imaging
  • Experimental design and pharmacokinetic modeling
  • Validation and regulatory submission of compound for human use


Radiopharmaceuticals Available for Human and Animal Use

The Core has synthesized over 20 compounds for clinical evaluation and routine use for neurology, cardiology and oncology. In addition, it has pioneered the use of 18F Tau imaging agents for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injuries.

    FDG* (tumour metabolism/hypometabolism)
    Florbetaben** (amyloid imaging)
    Flutemetamol** (amyloid imaging)
    Florbetapir** (amyloid imaging)
    Fluciclovine** (tumor metabolism/prostate cancer imaging)
    Sodium Fluoride** (bone imaging)
    FES (estrogen receptor)†
    Flortaucipir [T807] (tau protein)†
    FPEB (mGlur5)‡
    BFPET (myocardial perfusion) †
    GE180 (TSPO/PBR)†
    FLT (cellular proliferation)†
    THK 5351/GE-216 (tau protein)†
    FMISO (hypoxia)†
    MK-6240 (tau protein) †
    GE179 (NMDA receptor)‡

    PiB (amlyoid)†
    Altropane (Dopamine transport)‡
    Raclopride (D2/D3 receptor imaging) †
    Methionine (amino acid uptake)†
    Acetate (fatty acid synthase) ‡
    CO (gas for labeling red blood cells in vivo) ‡
    Rolipram (PDE-4 receptor imaging) ‡
    P943 (5-HT1B) ‡
    PBR-28 (TSPO/PBR)† (S,S)-[11C]Methylreboxetine (MeNR/MRB)‡ – targets norepinephrine transporter

    N2 in Saline (lung perfusion imaging) ‡

    DOTATATE** (neuroendocrine tumor imaging)


    C15O2 (blood flow imaging) ‡

    *FDA approved, MGH PET Center holds FDA marketing authorization
    **FDA approved, available through local commercial nuclear pharmacies
    †Active IND held by MGH Gordon PET Core
    ‡Available under Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) oversight

    The MGH Gordon PET Core can validate a radiopharmaceutical for clinical research use. Please send inquiries to:
    Daniel Yokell
    Associate Director, Radiopharmacy and Regulatory Affairs, MGH Gordon PET Core.
    Email: or Phone: 617-643-7541.


User Fees (effective from 10/1/2018 to 9/30/2019)

Services Internal User Fee for ​Non-Profit and Federal Sponsored Research (Direct Cost Internal User Fee for Industry Sponsored Research  External User Fee for ​Non-Profit and Federal Sponsored Research (Inclusive of Institutional Indirect Cost) External User Fee for Industry Sponsored Research
13N Ammonia Production + Imaging  $ 3,895.00 Contact us for rate  $ 5,608.80 Contact us for rate
13N2 PET GMP Production + Imaging  $ 2,772.00 Contact us for rate  $ 3,991.68 Contact us for rate
13N2 PET Production + Imaging  $ 1,372.00 Contact us for rate  $ 1,975.68 Contact us for rate  
13NH3 Cardiac Blood Flow  $ 3,691.00 Contact us for rate  $ 5,315.04 Contact us for rate
18F FDG Production + Imaging  $ 2,215.00 Contact us for rate    $ 3,189.60 Contact us for rate  
PET GMP Production + Imaging
(includes: 11C Compounds and 18F Compounds; excludes: 18F FDG, 13NH3, 13N2 and 13N Ammonia )
 $ 3,186.00 Contact us for rate  $ 4,587.84  Contact us for rate
PET Production + Imaging
(includes: 11C Compounds and 18F Compounds; excludes: 18F FDG, 13NH3, 13N2 and 13N Ammonia )
 $ 2,363.00 Contact us for rate  $ 3,402.72 Contact us for rate
PET Imaging Only (up to two hours)  $ 2,104.00 Contact us for rate  $ 3,029.76 Contact us for rate
Additional Imaging Time (per hour)  $  446.00 Contact us for rate  $  642.24 Contact us for rate
Phantom Imaging  $ 1,465.00 Contact us for rate  $ 2,109.60 Contact us for rate
F18 Compound Dose (No Imaging)  $ 2,103.00 Contact us for rate  $ 3,028.32 Contact us for rate
Cyclotron Beam Time for Isotope Production (per hour)  $  907.00 Contact us for rate  $ 1,306.08 Contact us for rate
Micro PET Imaging Only (up to 2 hours)  $  420.00 Contact us for rate  $  604.80 Contact us for rate
Micro PET Additional Imaging Hour  $  108.00 Contact us for rate  $  155.52 Contact us for rate
Blood Processing  $ 1,057.00 Contact us for rate  $ 1,522.08 Contact us for rate
Consent Charge  $    100.00 Contact us for rate  $  144.00 Contact us for rate
CT  $  1,007.00 Contact us for rate  $ 1,450.08 Contact us for rate
IRB Renewal  $ 3,379.00 Contact us for rate  $ 4,865.76 Contact us for rate
Kinetic Modeling  $  950.00 Contact us for rate  $ 1,368.00 Contact us for rate
Radionuclidic Purity Testing  $  364.00 Contact us for rate  $  524.16 Contact us for rate
Regulatory Submission  $ 10,115.00 Contact us for rate  $ 14,565.60 Contact us for rate
SALSA Generator Validation  $ 2,742.00 Contact us for rate  $ 3,948.48 Contact us for rate
SPECT  $ 1,957.00 Contact us for rate  $ 2,818.08 Contact us for rate
SPECT-CT  $ 2,363.00 Contact us for rate  $ 3,402.72 Contact us for rate
Start-up Fee  $ 7,090.00 Contact us for rate  $ 10,209.60 Contact us for rate
Technician Training / Site Qualification (per hour)  $  293.00 Contact us for rate  $  421.92 Contact us for rate
Validation of Radiotracer for Animal Use  $ 14,677.00 Contact us for rate  $ 21,134.88 Contact us for rate
Validation of Radiotracer for Human and NHP Use  $ 26,220.00 Contact us for rate $ 37,756.80 Contact us for rate

Uncompleted Studies

The PET Core commits its best efforts to successfully complete scheduled studies. However, given the very nature of many PET studies that rely on manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals and in vivo imaging, the Core cannot be held responsible for costs associated with incomplete studies due to equipment failure or circumstances outside of our control. 

Late Cancellation Policy

A PET study that is cancelled or rescheduled within five business days of the original imaging session may incur a fee up to the cost of the cancelled imaging session. A radiotracer production that is not cancelled 24 hours prior to the production day may incur a fee up to the cost of the produced dose.

Overhead Policy

An investigator using a Partners fund is considered an internal user and is subject to the overhead rate applied by its institution. The external user fee comprises a direct fee negotiated with the PET Core plus an overhead component. The overhead rate set by Partners HealthCare is 44% for external academic users and 59% for external industry users.


MGH Main Campus, Boston, MA: Edwards Basement (cyclotron, radiochemistry, and human and large animal imaging)
MGH Navy Yard Campus, Charlestown, 149 13th Street, Charlestown, MA (small animal imaging)


Major Equipment
  • GE Discovery PET/CT
  • Automated Radiochemical Synthesis systems
  • (Siemens) SPECT Systems and Planar Gamma Cameras
  • Exact HR+ Large Bore PET Scanner
  • NeuroPET/CT dedicated high sensitivity brain scanner
  • PC4096 Large Bore PET Scanner
  • Siemens PET/CT Scanner
  • Siemens Symbia SPECT/CT
  • VISTA small animal micro PET/CT
  • Tri-modality MicroPET-SPECT-CT


Contact Us
For questions related to human or large animal imaging studies including scheduling scans, please contact:
Steven Weise
Sr. Research Technologist, PET Imaging
Phone: 617-726-5299

For questions related to small animal imaging studies, including scheduling scans, please contact:
Julia Scotton, B.S., CNMT, RT(N)(CT)
Senior Research Technologist and Safety Manager
Phone: 617-643-1967

For questions related to regulatory issues, drug production and validation of radiotracers, please contact:
Daniel Yokell, Pharm.D.
Manager, PET Production Chemistry
Phone: (617) 643-7541
Fax: (617) 726-5123

For questions related to price quotes, pilot funding, services agreements, invoices and payments, please contact:
Ramzi El Fakhri
Business Manager
Phone: 617-724-7212

For other inquiries, please contact:
Georges El Fakhri, Ph.D.
Director, MGH Gordon PET Core
Phone: (617) 726-9640
Fax: (617) 726-6165