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Radiology Employee Becomes First Certified Financial Research Administrator Within Partners


This story was originally published on 12/28/2028 by Imaging Times, a publication of the Mass General Hospital Department of Radiology.

Ramzi El Fakhri, MBA, CRA, has become the first employee within Mass General and Partners HealthCare to successfully pass the Certified Financial Research Administrator (CFRA) exam. There are only 82 CFRAs in the US including six in Massachusetts.

The CFRA recognizes an individual’s experience and knowledge in financial research administration and credibility when dealing with sponsors and offices of sponsored research. The requirements for the designation are a bachelor’s degree, three years of professional experience in research administration and successful completion of a national, written exam organized by the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC).

Ramzi manages the PET Core facility and a wide portfolio of grants at the Gordon Center for Medical Imaging, where he has worked for the past three years.

Ramzi El Fakhri

MGH Gordon Lecture: Intellectual Property


The conference introduced the Partners Innovation office and presented the process of academic technology commercialization.
Presenters discussed the different forms of intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and patents.

Dr. Seema Basu, Director of Licensing and Strategic Collaborations at Partners Innovation, discussed the different conditions that an invention needs to meet in order to become patentable such as novelty, originality and absence of prior art. Dr. Basu and her colleagues also discussed the exclusion rights of a patent, the internal invention disclosure process and how a patent application is filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Seema Basu, Ph.D.
Director of Licensing and Strategic Collaborations
As Market Sector Leader, Seema Basu, PhD, directs the strategy for open innovation and strategic research collaborations. She leads a team responsible for enabling strategic corporate alliances and new initiatives, such as the Innovation Fellows Program for career development and collaboration with industry.  The team also manages licensing and partnering of IP portfolios from Regenerative Medicine, Ragon Institute of MGH,MIT and Harvard, and MGH Center for Global Health. She represents Partners at numerous national and regional organizations.

Heonick Ha, Ph.D.
Senior Licensing Manager 
Heonick is in the Radiology Market Sector working with the Martinos Center and other units of MGH Radiology. Heonick has managed an important portfolio of complex inventions and achieved significant outcomes while fostering enduring relationship with large global corporations. 

Brian Zamarron, Ph.D.
Licensing Manager
Brian is responsible for managing and licensing technologies arising from BWH Radiology, MGH Molecular Imaging, and MGH Nuclear Medicine. 

Seema Basu and her colleagues before their presentation on intellectual property.